Welcome my Friend

I don’t know how you found us but I am glad you did. My name’s George, Songwriter for Sunstone. This is is my first Blog entry, so please forgive me if it’s a bit rough.

Let me dive straight in. We are busy working on the forth album entitled Odyssey. The name, I would like to say draws from the epic poems of Homer, but truth is, it came to me as I stepped out of my car, a Honda Odyssey. I use it as a vocal booth to record guide vocals to our songs before I hand them over to K.O. our singer.

I literally just finished laying down the lead vocal guide to a new song called Crush. I wrote it in Vietnam where I spent three months writing the album this year. I was not happy with the hook so spent 3 days back in Cali trying to get it right. I pretty much gave up when it came to me whilst making a cup of tea. The words – I got a secret crush came and I rushed into my car , the Odyssey, to lay it down.

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