Today we decided to do a cover – Stevie Wonder’s Superwoman (Where were you when I needed you). It was a no brainer chosing the track but the path preceding it quite accidental.

It was 1983, I was taking a driving lesson. My instructor slipped on a CD at the end and as I got out I asked him who it was, he shouted “It’s Stevie Wonder you should check him out.” as he pulled away. I was 17, didn’t know the track and I didn’t really know Stevie Wonder.

Speed forward three years. I was 20 in Harlem NYC and had some time to kill. Behind me was a record store. I quickly browsed the CDs and calling out to me was a cover with really cool image, It was Music of My Mind, Stevie’s classic album. I thought why not? Bought it, slipped the Walkman on and hopped into a chequered cab to take me to the Airport. Superwoman came on. I smiled knowingly as I realised it was the same track I heard from my driving instructor back in ’83.

He was right to plug the track. I couldn’t get enough. At the airport I bought Talking Book. When got back to London I bought Innervisions and so on.

Superwoman – I am waiting for the vocals to be laid down only instrumental atm.

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