Space Capsule Hotel Saigon

Sometimes songs just come to me. Sometimes I get inspired without realising it.

It’s August 2019 my kids were pushing me to stay a few nights at the Space Capsule Hotel in Saigon. I had no idea what it was but they wouldn’t stop talking about it, so off we went.

We stepped into what seemed a perfectly normal hotel. Checked in, luggage sent onward and we boarded the lift to Floor 5. Floor 5 was different. We were met with low level blue lighting, infrared lights, space-tec panelling and state of the art pods. It definately felt we had boarded a futuristic space station. The kids flew to their capsules and romped around like giddy astronauts.

We met on the rooftop for dinner that night and stared at the stars, connecting with the cosmos made all the more poignant following the days events. They invited friends and we had a charming time.

In the morning I snuck downstairs for a quiet coffee before the din. I sat in the outdoor area gazing at the pool reflecting on last night. A broad smile developed as I pictured the excitement on my kids faces. My mind drifted, I reached for my pen and scribbled words on a napkin..

“I know words go unspoken,I have been chosen,Now I realise,No more fear of the future,Cause it’s inside me, Finding my destiny..I’m a starchild.”

I will never forget the trip and what came out of it – Starchild – (music only)

Funny how things turnout don’t you think?

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