Hoxton & The Brand New Heavies

It was the mid-90s I guess when Bill’s Restaurant (below) was The Blue Note in Hoxton. It was famously known as the place Goldie of Metalheadz fame would play his Drum n Bass set on Sunday. However, on Thursday they introduced jam night. After my band finished rehearsal at OTR in Hackney we headed on up for the opening night. I borrowed a guitar and went up to jam with the Emperors New Clothes. I finished up and went to hand my guitar to Simon Bartholomew of The Brand New Heavies and he said “Nah man your good, stay up”

Well I camehox2 off after and he gave me a pat on the back , I felt embarassed as everyone was clapping. 

It gave me a boost and a few years later we found ourselves opening for Jarimoquai at Battersea Power Station. So thanks Simon! I feel sad that the scene has died and Hoxton has become gentrified but I got a feeling the demand is still there for Ol’ School, the scene is in hiding but will make a return I am certain of it.

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