Thanks Giving Day 2020-Let’s Get Together

Thanksgiving celebration traditional dinner setting meal concept with copy space

I wrote a new song on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. It’s called Let’s Get Together.

I actually came up with the hook right out the gate, I loved the words and melody so I had to build the song from around that.

A song always tells you what it wants to be I find. This story was plain and simple. Some may relate to “the one that got away” but what if they came back? What would you do? Haha! and there you have it- Lets Get Together.

Here’s the lyrics ..If you’d like sneak peak let me know! Happy Belated Thanksgiving Y’all.

 Let’s Get Together
 Verse I
 Sorry, you talking to me?
 I can’t believe 
 After all this time
 I heard you so happily
 Settled with her 
 The one you left me for
 Even though my world fell apart 
 No one can replace 
 Fill the void inside 
 Everyday I miss what we had
 Just as all hope was gone
 I see you back again
 Let’s Get Together
 Always hoped that I 
 Get a second chance
 Let’s stay together
 Get it right this time
 We can make it right
 Verse II
 We both know where we went wrong
 Came on too strong
 Was the wrong time for you
 I was split up  from my ‘ex
 Searching a quick fix 
 When you came along
 But I still see that glint 
 In your eye
 Think we can 
 Pick up from where we left off 

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