Believe it or Not – “Tell You When I’m Done” is about..

Kamala Harris..that’s right the new Vice President.

I immigrated to USA in 2014..was traumatised in 2016 and wrote Hope , my first Album in 2017 as a response.

Three years later the inspiration for the track came as I watched as Kamla in a Senate hearing grilling AG Barr and was suitably impressed. I felt she was indeed a “Bad Bitch”. When she fell out of the race for the Democrat nomination in 2020 she sprang to mind when I wrote the song. “Climbing the ranks doing it the hard way” that’s all about her. “Stacking up racks, Make it rain” all metaphors for a political win.

She has blazed a trail of achievement; being the Second Female Black Senator and prior to that was the D.A to San Francisco. Being the son of immigrants myself I could appreciate her struggle and the opportunity afforded by a country that is fair and free.

She is a bona fide badass.

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