The Only Artist I’m feelin ATM

I listen to the entire chart today and, with exception of this and Cardi B Up, I wasn’t terribly impressed. All pretty, …what’s the word I’m looking for, generic ..NAH…..that’s not it…, BORING that’s it big freakin snooze fest! But I think the future is bright, the potential is there and I’m waiting andContinue reading “The Only Artist I’m feelin ATM”

What Do Prince and John Lennon have in Common?

Nothing really except they influenced my mindset as a songwriter. Prince : There are two songs When Doves Cry and The Most Beautiful Girl in The World These two songs are groundbreaking. When Doves Cry is a very powerful song. The music is almost exclusively drums. There is a light sprinkle of Keyboards but it’sContinue reading “What Do Prince and John Lennon have in Common?”

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