“Thought is the Enemy of flow”


7:28 IMO Thought is the enemy of flow and more specifically improv IMO. I must attest to this as apparently , I am told by my drummer, the best solo I ever played was at WKD live in Camden. Unfortunately I can’t remember it because I had chronic food poisoning and was delirious at the time Q.E.D. I guess?

The Big Lie

First day of the select committee hearing on the Capitol Riots January 6th 2021 and I Wrote this

Save it for Another Day (The Big Lie)

Verse I

When she was a lil girl

She acted just the same

Wouldn’t admit her lies


Cover up silly things

Never  realised

It will eat you up inside

She won’t see it

Keeps it going


Hey hey

Be careful of what you say

They setting you up to fail

Save it for another day

Hey hey

It’s tempting to take the bait

Honey please stay away

Save it for another day

Verse I

When she was fully grown

Her lies came home to roost

Barrage from all four sides


Covered up a big fat lie

Slowly felt them kill

The system they despised

Stop at nothing

To start winning

About the closest I got to fame


This is Steve Howe of Yes band fame. He was and is the longest surviving guitarist in the band. They are an extraordinary assembly of gifted musicians and composers. I had the honour of meeting Steve as we were both signed to Cerberus , the digital jukebox company in ’94. I spoke to him as we were recording at Cerberus in Denmark street. He was a lovely sweet guy with some great advice.

We talked about Cerberus and how fantastic an idea it was. I didn’t really know his music up till now so thought I’d share.

Freaky make Ceasar Blog


“London-based Soul/R&B collective Sunstone have just shared their brand new single Freaky, a smooth and sensual piece of Soul/R&B. 

I can always count on Sunstone to deliver bedroom sessions-ready music and Freaky is no exception. I am loving those soulful, sultry vocals and how they glide effortlessly over the warm, chilled out neo-soul-tinged r&b production. Once again Sunstone deliver a gorgeous piece of music that sounds perfect for some laid-back days at home or for some steamy bedroom sessions. Have a listen to this sensual gem below!”

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