Side Games

We have recorded a handful of tracks. Today I mixed and mastered Side Games. It’s a song about the trials of a lady who is tempted to revisit an old flame but has second thoughts when she see’s her Ex with another girl.

The song was written on break in Vietnam, as was most of the album. The melody came to me as I ducked into an alleyway for a smoke. It was raining; I stood huddle in a door way lit up and the melody popped into my head. I smiled as I knew I had something and rushed back in doors to record it. It’s started off as – I Know (what you came here for) and wound up as Side Games. Sometimes my intial ideas are replaced by others, as with this song, the initial words was simply a placeholder till I found something better – Side Games.

Welcome my Friend

I don’t know how you found us but I am glad you did. My name’s George, Songwriter for Sunstone. This is is my first Blog entry, so please forgive me if it’s a bit rough.

Let me dive straight in. We are busy working on the forth album entitled Odyssey. The name, I would like to say draws from the epic poems of Homer, but truth is, it came to me as I stepped out of my car, a Honda Odyssey. I use it as a vocal booth to record guide vocals to our songs before I hand them over to K.O. our singer.

I literally just finished laying down the lead vocal guide to a new song called Crush. I wrote it in Vietnam where I spent three months writing the album this year. I was not happy with the hook so spent 3 days back in Cali trying to get it right. I pretty much gave up when it came to me whilst making a cup of tea. The words – I got a secret crush came and I rushed into my car , the Odyssey, to lay it down.

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