How To Kill a Franchise!


I have a theory, it just popped into my head, what makes a good sci-fi is the mystery. The question un-answered- really cooks your noodle. The mystery will haunt you, it will keep you engaged it will keep you a fan. The mystery is personal to the individual, you can make up whatever you want but underneath it all you know you will never be right. The question mark will follow you round forever and that’s what make the franchise golden ; immortal. Until of course you explain the mystery…( If you gonna kill the golden goose may as well make a cheap buck right?)

Aliens was a great mystery even after the dreaded third sequel but what really undid all the great work was Prometheus..”Oh let’s explain where they come from , let’s remove the question mark”..Great well done YOU KILLED IT.



“Let’s explain the FORCE”..WHAT?! Yeah replace mystery with bollox science..”midichlorians..yeah a count “..great JOB – KILLED! (Oh and kill Luke for good measure..) EXCELLENT!

Planet Of The Apes

“Where did the Apes come from? How is it humans are slaves? How is it Apes can Talk.”

Problem solved we’ll make two movies answering all the questions so there’s no mystery left – Excellent Franchise DEAD!

Believe it or Not – “Tell You When I’m Done” is about..

Kamala Harris..that’s right the new Vice President.

I immigrated to USA in 2014..was traumatised in 2016 and wrote Hope , my first Album in 2017 as a response.

Three years later the inspiration for the track came as I watched as Kamla in a Senate hearing grilling AG Barr and was suitably impressed. I felt she was indeed a “Bad Bitch”. When she fell out of the race for the Democrat nomination in 2020 she sprang to mind when I wrote the song. “Climbing the ranks doing it the hard way” that’s all about her. “Stacking up racks, Make it rain” all metaphors for a political win.

She has blazed a trail of achievement; being the Second Female Black Senator and prior to that was the D.A to San Francisco. Being the son of immigrants myself I could appreciate her struggle and the opportunity afforded by a country that is fair and free.

She is a bona fide badass.

My Heroes

The reason I got into music was this instrumental Brit Funk band Level 42.

A friend gave me The Early Tapes and it blew my mind, like music from another dimension. Until then I never heard instrumental music much less Brit Funk. Up to that point my brothers fed me on a diet of 10cc and Abba…then everything changed. This album literally changed my life. So thank you L42 for showing me the way.

The Way I Write Songs

There are three Methods I use:

  1. The “Do Nothing” method. This is my favourite. It’s when a song drifts into my head for no reason. I could be driving my car, in the bath or going for a walk.
    Most of my songs are written this way.
  2. Inspiration from a personal experience. For example when I wrote Starchild I’d spent the night with my kids in a Space Capsule Hotel in Saigon and the next morning the song popped into my head. The Day America Cried, a song about Heather Heyer (The Victim of Charlottesville) happened after I saw a Documentary about Emmett Till.
    Coming Through I wrote after the Parkland massacre. The speech given thereafter by Emma Gonzalez made me well up and the next day the song wrote itself.
  3. Occasionally I freestyle to a beat or try to hammer out a hook to go with a verse or vice versa. This is the most challenging method but can yield great and unexpected results.

The first line is either the hardest or the easiest line to write. Once you have the first line it’s easy, until you get to the hook that is. To me the hook is a pleasant surprise.
Imagine it’s Christmas Day, you are expecting a present but instead of a pair of slippers you get the keys to a Ferrari. If the hook doesn’t have that effect I keep trying till it does.

I never write Intros/Outros or Middle Eights, I always freestyle them on the fly. I did this on my first song as I grew impatient to finish it and it worked out very well so I have done it the same ever since.


I will freestyle lyrics on the fly with the melody when I’m creating the song. Normally I keep 50% then go back and touch up. Once the song title/hook reveals itself
the song comes together quickly, normally within a day.


I wrote a new track today about drug abuse. Lyrics below.

(If you have a better suggestion for the Title let me know!)


It’s another green day
Doesn’t matter to me
If you got nowhere to go
If you got nowhere to be
They say you’ll find
It will help redeem your soul
The voices will set you free
Your voices will set you free

There’s Kripi in the bag
Boomies on the ground
We’ll fly away, soar into space
Ride the waves inhale the haze
We’ll float away
To numb the pain

You’re not the one to blame
Somethings are meant to be
You not unkind, It was her time,
Searching for the why there’s no quick fix
Vacate your day
We float again

Ahh take it to a higher ground
Take it to new heights

K.O. on Diddy Tracks

Wanna Move (feat. Big Boi, Ciara & Scar) · Diddy · Big Boi · Ciara · Scar Press Play ℗ 2006 Bad Boy Records LLC for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the world excluding the United States, South America and Central America. Additional Producer: Big Boi for Boom Boom Room Productions Masterer: Brian “Big Bass” Gardner Masterer: Chris Athens Producer: Danja for Danjahandz Productions Inc. Mixer: DuroCeo for Chariman of the Boards/Loreal Inc. Executive Producer: Harve “Joe Hooker” Pierre Assistant Mix Engineer: Jordan ‘DJ Swivel’ Young Background Vocals: Katrinia Carson Assistant Mix Engineer: Khalil “BDK” Edwards Additional Vocals: Kristal “Tytewriter” Oliver for Home Cooking Productions LLC and Fresh Paint Music/Starr Island Music Lead Vocals: Kristal “Tytewriter” Oliver for Home Cooking Productions LLC and Fresh Paint Music/Starr Island Music Recorded by: Marcella “Ms Lago” Araica Executive Producer: Sean “Diddy” Combs A&r Manager: Shannon “Slam” Lawrence Background Vocals: Shay Winans Writer: Antwan Patton Writer: C.P. Harris Writer: Clifford Harris Jr. Writer: Jacoby White Writer: Kristal Oliver Writer: Nathaniel Hill Writer: Sean Combs Writer: Terrence Smith

Thanks Giving Day 2020-Let’s Get Together

Thanksgiving celebration traditional dinner setting meal concept with copy space

I wrote a new song on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. It’s called Let’s Get Together.

I actually came up with the hook right out the gate, I loved the words and melody so I had to build the song from around that.

A song always tells you what it wants to be I find. This story was plain and simple. Some may relate to “the one that got away” but what if they came back? What would you do? Haha! and there you have it- Lets Get Together.

Here’s the lyrics ..If you’d like sneak peak let me know! Happy Belated Thanksgiving Y’all.

 Let’s Get Together
 Verse I
 Sorry, you talking to me?
 I can’t believe 
 After all this time
 I heard you so happily
 Settled with her 
 The one you left me for
 Even though my world fell apart 
 No one can replace 
 Fill the void inside 
 Everyday I miss what we had
 Just as all hope was gone
 I see you back again
 Let’s Get Together
 Always hoped that I 
 Get a second chance
 Let’s stay together
 Get it right this time
 We can make it right
 Verse II
 We both know where we went wrong
 Came on too strong
 Was the wrong time for you
 I was split up  from my ‘ex
 Searching a quick fix 
 When you came along
 But I still see that glint 
 In your eye
 Think we can 
 Pick up from where we left off 

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