Inspiration Comes Unexpectedly.

I read a book called A Fault in The Stars one afternoon. My daughter discarded it and I picked it up and had a quick read. I nearly gave up on it as it was bringing me down. The lead, a teenage girl, had terminal cancer. Regardless I thought I owed it to the people actually going through this to tough it out.

It was a good book, it unexpectedly left a mark on me I guess as about six months later I wrote a song called Quiet Girl based on Hazel, the lead character first meeting Augustus , her soon to be BF.

Maybe that was a little nod for toughing it out?!

John’s Genius

George Harrison and John Lennon of The Beatles talking to the press and media at Bangor following the news of the death of their manager Brian Epstein, 27th August 1967. (Photo by Stephen Shakeshaft/Mirrorpix via Getty Images)

Not knocking George, he wrote some of the best Beatles material but when it came to the surreal no-one done it better than John.

I Am The Walrus, Come Together and Dig-A-Pony, Strawberry Fields made absolutely no sense but John made nonsense sound hip.

Only a Northern song , I Me Mine and Savoy Truffle in comparison I think shows how surreal , if done right can push the boundaries.

I admire George for trying at least that’s more can be said for Paul. Sorry Paul but show us yours!

And The Best Beatle is…..


I have thought deeply about this, switching sides more than once. I even declared it a tie (which is a cop out so that got ditched immediately). Then came along, Get Back the Netflix Documentary and it changed my mind slowly.

I do think John and Paul are equally gifted song writers. I love Strawberry Fields but Paul’s Sgt Pepper get’s a ten too. Paul brought the funk with Paperback Writer and John with Come Together. They went toe to toe on all genres and created Rock Pop as we know it today, even-stevens right?

Wrong. The clincher came when I realised Paul was the one that kept the Beatles together. He fought for the love of music and his bandmates and he won.

Because of Paul we have Let it Be and Abbey Road. Sorry John but Paul get’s it from me.

…..but I do love you guys equally!

The Big Lie

First day of the select committee hearing on the Capitol Riots January 6th 2021 and I Wrote this

Save it for Another Day (The Big Lie)

Verse I

When she was a lil girl

She acted just the same

Wouldn’t admit her lies


Cover up silly things

Never  realised

It will eat you up inside

She won’t see it

Keeps it going


Hey hey

Be careful of what you say

They setting you up to fail

Save it for another day

Hey hey

It’s tempting to take the bait

Honey please stay away

Save it for another day

Verse I

When she was fully grown

Her lies came home to roost

Barrage from all four sides


Covered up a big fat lie

Slowly felt them kill

The system they despised

Stop at nothing

To start winning

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