Hoxton & The Brand New Heavies

It was the mid-90s I guess when Bill’s Restaurant (below) was The Blue Note in Hoxton. It was famously known as the place Goldie of Metalheadz fame would play his Drum n Bass set on Sunday. However, on Thursday they introduced jam night. After my band finished rehearsal at OTR in Hackney we headed on up for the opening night. I borrowed a guitar and went up to jam with the Emperors New Clothes. I finished up and went to hand my guitar to Simon Bartholomew of The Brand New Heavies and he said “Nah man your good, stay up”

Well I camehox2 off after and he gave me a pat on the back , I felt embarassed as everyone was clapping. 

It gave me a boost and a few years later we found ourselves opening for Jarimoquai at Battersea Power Station. So thanks Simon! I feel sad that the scene has died and Hoxton has become gentrified but I got a feeling the demand is still there for Ol’ School, the scene is in hiding but will make a return I am certain of it.

Åland Islands ?


The Åland Islands, or Åland, is an autonomous region of Finland. Comprising around 6,700 islands, this Swedish-speaking archipelago is in the Baltic Sea.

It is also the last country listed on my stats of listners.

Having come from the Vinyl era I find it staggering that we have been able to reach 107 of the 195 countries in the world.

Sony may have the money but now we all got the reach.

I mean Aland Island got to count for something right?

What’s Your Favourite Colour?

I was interviewed for a Music Blog recently and told the editor I had a blog too but was struggling for content. He suggest I write about non-music stuff by way of a list. So…..here it is..

Favourite TV Program           –    The Walking Dead
Favourite Movie                      –     Literally Anything by Tarantino
Fav Recent Star Wars Film   –    Solo (..and Yes I have seen them all)
Last Book Read                        –     Espedair Street by Ian Banks. -The ultimate Rock n Roll story.
Last Film I watched                –    Darkest Hour (Oldman deserved that Oscar)
Favourite pastime                   –   Watching my Kids play
My favourite Colour               –   Turquoise (It reminds me of the ocean)

OK -Now it’s your turn….!

Thank You Teddy

This week I got back a track from my Producer. It was for a song I wrote called Replay. Unfortunately, I quickly realised the song was not the smash I thought it would be. I had two choices ; ditch it or write a new song over the music. I chose the later.

Day 1 – I tried real hard , freestyling to the track, sang my heart out but got nowhere. However, I kept going as I’d been there before. I believed if I had faith and kept going I could do it.

Day 2 – I downed tools after lunch, exhausted. I was losing faith. I surfed YouTube and happened across the Tidey Riley interview above. After watching I had another crack and the words, the melody the whole idea came and –Ol’ Skool was born.

Thank You Mr. Riley you are an inspiration.

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