What’s Your Favourite Colour?

I was interviewed for a Music Blog recently and told the editor I had a blog too but was struggling for content. He suggest I write about non-music stuff by way of a list. So…..here it is..

Favourite TV Program           –    The Walking Dead
Favourite Movie                      –     Literally Anything by Tarantino
Fav Recent Star Wars Film   –    Solo (..and Yes I have seen them all)
Last Book Read                        –     Espedair Street by Ian Banks. -The ultimate Rock n Roll story.
Last Film I watched                –    Darkest Hour (Oldman deserved that Oscar)
Favourite pastime                   –   Watching my Kids play
My favourite Colour               –   Turquoise (It reminds me of the ocean)

OK -Now it’s your turn….!

Thank You Teddy

This week I got back a track from my Producer. It was for a song I wrote called Replay. Unfortunately, I quickly realised the song was not the smash I thought it would be. I had two choices ; ditch it or write a new song over the music. I chose the later.

Day 1 – I tried real hard , freestyling to the track, sang my heart out but got nowhere. However, I kept going as I’d been there before. I believed if I had faith and kept going I could do it.

Day 2 – I downed tools after lunch, exhausted. I was losing faith. I surfed YouTube and happened across the Tidey Riley interview above. After watching I had another crack and the words, the melody the whole idea came and –Ol’ Skool was born.

Thank You Mr. Riley you are an inspiration.

I use to Work in TV…

Hollywood Walk of Fame L.A.

I just came across this pic of me posing besides the BeeGee’s star on the Walk of Fame Hollywood. It reminded me of a story of when I worked in TV.

It was Twickenham UK. I was working for a well known TV company. I waltzed into the main office one day as a matter of routine. The BeeGees came on the radio and I started goofing around doing my best John Travolta, much to the amusement of the secretaries.

Just then the M.D. and self appointed Matriach entered from her adjoining room. Everyone stopped and stood to attention, everyone except me of course. “Do you like the BeeGees .” I said. Well, you could have heard a pin drop. “Follow me ” she grimaced.

I followed her to her office she sat on her throne and I stood infront of her desk guarding my unservered head. “Look behind me” she said. “What do you see?”

I couldn’t believe my eyes. On the wall behind was a home pic of her standing under a Christmas tree, and next to her was Barry Gibb.

She explained that they were good friends and often spent Christmas together. I exited the room with a wide grin on my face and I became a favorite of her’s, much to the surprise and envy of the office.

I guess the moral of the story is ..no matter what, just be yourself and you’ll always end up on top.

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