First Recording is Underway

Lyrics written today…I think it will come out well…


Thank You

I know its kinda hard to say

It’s was on my mind

I didn’t plan to leave You that way

Like all the other guys before

I take the blame

I’m not the kinda girl to hang around


I’d Like to thank you all

I’d Like to thank you all

I wish you happiness

For all you gave me

Sometimes I think of you

It was a special time

You bought me happiness

May god protect you


It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s A Wonderful Life

New Song Penned Today..Lyrics Below

It’s a Wonderful Life

Verse I

Jenny and Jason were two kids

Growing up the way that I did

In a family full of love

Saturday Mall at  the Sky Zone

Studying hard from their home

In these lockdown days

We see them grow


So lucky

And I wish I had that time

I wish had it back

Time to realise

It’s a wonderful life








What do AC/DC and The Beach Boys have in common.


Yes I’m surprised too. My Spotify Artist account has listed what other artists you guys are into. Among Jimi Hendrix and Marvin Gaye (kinda expected) were AC/DC and The Beach Boys (totally not expected).

I tip my hat to you guys. Turns out people listen to all sorts of music. As much as the industry would like to pigeon hole us they can’t because your tastes are as unique as your fingerprint.

I salute you:)

Hoxton & The Brand New Heavies

It was the mid-90s I guess when Bill’s Restaurant (below) was The Blue Note in Hoxton. It was famously known as the place Goldie of Metalheadz fame would play his Drum n Bass set on Sunday. However, on Thursday they introduced jam night. After my band finished rehearsal at OTR in Hackney we headed on up for the opening night. I borrowed a guitar and went up to jam with the Emperors New Clothes. I finished up and went to hand my guitar to Simon Bartholomew of The Brand New Heavies and he said “Nah man your good, stay up”

Well I camehox2 off after and he gave me a pat on the back , I felt embarassed as everyone was clapping. 

It gave me a boost and a few years later we found ourselves opening for Jarimoquai at Battersea Power Station. So thanks Simon! I feel sad that the scene has died and Hoxton has become gentrified but I got a feeling the demand is still there for Ol’ School, the scene is in hiding but will make a return I am certain of it.

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