Rabbit Hole Trigger!

I just this minute watched Phil Collins on YT sing In The Air Tonight on The Tonite Show. I remember my big brother bought it on 7″ and wore it out.

First I thought about Phil Collins. When I was in my original band BFT, my Drummer Dave Youngs who put me on to Brand X and I discovered Phil was a excellent and much respected drummer.

Then I thought of Lenny White who played on the groundbreaking album Bitches Brew with Miles Davis. In the late 90s I worked for a record company called Silva Screen, they had a spin off label called HipBop which featured many jazz artists including Lenny White.I attended a master class with Lenny White before I saw him play at the Blue Note in Hoxton…(my old haunting ground). Lenny said about drumming , “every drummer has his on signature” and he got up and walked across the room. “My walk is different from your walk, your walk is your signature.”

Then penny dropped as when I saw the Roots drummer (Questlove) play that famous fill (excuse the pun!) on In The Air Tonight. He played the fill but it had a slight swagger… Questlove applying his “signature”, his “walk”.

And that one Questlove fill triggered an entire chain of thought. The mind is incredible. What has taken me 10 minutes to write flashed the cerebrum in an instant, at the speed of light.

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