Sunstone makes Top Blog Headline!

London-based R&B band Sunstone has just unveiled their brand new track called “Voices”. It’s a smooth soul/R&B piece that is the third extract from their newly released seventh album titled Virtual Superstar.

Sunstone is composed of former members of the band Black and Fantasy Tan, including George Wong, the composer and producer of the band, who won the International Indie Songwriters Contest twice in 2018 and 2019 for two songs from Sunstone’s debut album Hope.

On the track, the band is joined by their frequent collaborator and 2-time Grammy Award nominated singer K.O (Kristal Oliver), who has also worked with the likes of, Brandy and Ty Dolla Sign, Justin Timberlake among others.

K.O’s soulful and sultry vocals are juxtaposed against wistful keys and expressive guitars. That results in soul and R&B song that’ll make everybody want to chill out for a moment. We highly recommend you give the track a listen.

Speaking about how the song came together, producer and composer George Wong says, “K.O. has worked with us since 2017 and quickly became our No.1 artist. She brings a passion and warmth few can match. It’s amazing how she take’s my work and transforms it into something truly spectacular”.

Listen to “Voices” below:


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